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Asset Management consulting

Du & Associates (D&A) can help your organization develop strategic long-term goals and objectives for each property in your portfolio. From a property’s pre-development stage to its disposition, we can help ensure all aspects are taken into consideration when developing and overseeing an asset management plan. D&A’s team has extensive experience in asset management for both public and private sector entities and can support your team in the following topic areas: 

  • Provision of asset management technology solutions  

  • Assessment of asset management needs and design and implementation of solutions, including staffing, systems, and reporting  

  • Development of asset management metrics and recommendation of effective ways to achieve these metrics  

  • Analysis of property or portfolio risks and opportunities to maximize the return and value of assets and minimization of losses

  • Review of compliance and reporting requirements of all stakeholders including but not limited to Housing and Urban Development (HUD), syndicators, investors, lenders, and tax credit monitoring agencies, and provide recommendations for effective and efficient processes to meet those requirements  

  • Preparation and review of budgets, monthly financial reports, and annual audited financial statements, and provide analysis of trends, risks, and opportunities  

  • Preparation of Rent and Utility Adjustments for HUD submission 

  • Review and approval of capital expenditures 

  • Assist in the selection and monitoring of third-party property management companies 

  • Assessment and/or recommendation of exit strategies 

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